Lit Live returns to Fringe World with #MeToo-inspired thriller ‘You & Me’

From the company that brought the award-winning The Vagina Monologues to Fringe World 2021, Lit Live presents a new, intense, emotionally charged play with a unique twist.

You & Me is a domestic drama and a psychological thriller. A young woman unexpectedly comes to meet her husband after work. She says she just fancied a date night together, but in fact she has something important to ask him…

Set in a recording studio, the two actors, Caitlin Beresford-Ord and Andrew Hale, are recording a new play but decide they want to swap roles – they are bored with playing familiar roles.

As the story unfolds, the role reversals challenge preconceptions and offer a subtle, sometimes funny, always provocative approach to a well-known, cliché ridden issue.

Though inspired by #metoo, this isn’t a story about men in positions of power, it’s a story about you and me, about ordinary people and everyday sexism.

You & Me is playing at Ace’s Cabaret Dress Circle Bar, His Majesty’s Theatre Monday 31 Jan to Saturday 5 Feb. For tickets and more info head to

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