Local Community Remembers Mayang Prasetyo


Representatives of Perth’s LGBTIQ communities have come together to remember and pay respect to Payang Prasetyo.

Mayang, an Indonesian woman, who was transgender, was horrifically killed in an apparent domestic violence incident in Queensland earlier this month.

Unfortunately a great deal of media reporting on her death focused on her gender history and employment as a sex worker, rather than focusing on the violence that she had been subjected to.

Brisbane newspaper The Courier Mail is currently being investigated by the Australian Press Council over the nature of it’s coverage. The ABC program ‘Media Watch‘ has suggested that the industry body will have received an unprecedented number of complaints about the coverage.

Last night members of the local community gathered in Stirling Gardens to remember Mayang Prasetyo. Attendees lit candles spelling out Mayang’s name and observed a minute’s silence.

Graeme Watson


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