Logie nominations for ‘Riot’ actors Kate Box and Damon Herriman

Kate Box has received a Logie nomination for Most Outstanding Actress for her portrayal of gay rights activist Marg McCann in the TV movie Riot, while cast mate Damon Herriman has been nominated in the Most Outstanding Actor category for his portrayal of Lance Gowland.

The ABC TV movie which charted the events leading up to the the first Sydney Mardi Gras was created to mark the 40th anniversary of the landmark gay rights event.

Earlier this year Herriman told OUTinPerth he was drawn to the project because it told the story not only of the fight for LGBTI rights, but the lives of those early pioneers of the Mardi Gras movement.

“It’s not just about the fight, it’s about families and relationships and love. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.” Herriman said.

The script for the project was developed from interviews with many of the ’78ers who were present at the first Mardi Gras, and the interviews with the children of McCann and Gowland – both who had passed away before the project went into production.

OIP Staff


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