Love in Perth rally: Senator Rachel Siewert

Rachel Siewertloveinperth

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert delivered a stirring speech calling out the ignorance of marriage equality opponents.

“We are living through history and the bile and the bigotry and the homophobia we’re hearing is the death throes of the homophobic minority before we achieve marriage equality! The Bernardis, the Abbotts, the Abetz’s are wrong! Their love is no more important than yours and mine and ours! Love is love!” Ms Siewert said.

“Everybody has a right to be able to express their love and acknowledge their love in public for their community, family and friends.”

Senator Siewert also re-asserted the Greens long standing support for the LGBTIQ community and for equal marriage legislation.

“The Greens have been there for every vote, every MP, every time! We will be there when this legislation gets voted through. When we get a free vote in August! History is being made folks. We will change this law because love is love and love is equal for everybody.”

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