Love Letters: WA folk star Toby wants her kids to grow up without shame

Amy was six years old and I was eight years old. We used to play together at a mutual friends house. We also went to the same primary school and high school, passing each other on the way to classes and feeling strange feelings which neither of us could yet understand. Years later we would cross paths at parties, weddings and at the one and only Court!

Amy would sometimes come to my gigs, with Amy’s mum being a massive fan for years. Finally in 2010 Amy moved in to our share house as a ‘house mate’ – which really quickly led to us falling madly in love. In the first two years of dating we toured WA, Melbourne, Canada, USA and Europe. We travelled to Bali and Thailand and lived in several houses together.

On our second year anniversary while on a USA road trip, I got a huge shock when Amy proposed to me – looking over a stunning lake and mountain, in Montana. Of course I said yes. I had known from the moment we got together that she was my one.


Even if we were arguing, I didn’t doubt our love or our future. The trip was incredible. Sleeping in the back of a van while travelling through Utah, Nevada and California. We learned we travelled really well together and really enjoyed the same things.

The next two years consisted of more travel, more touring, holidays with both families, buying a house together and then getting married on November 23rd 2013. We married in Donnelly River with 130 of our closest friends and family. A perfect weekend of laughing, dancing, celebrations and a room full of love. I couldn’t of asked for a more magic wedding.

It was everything I dreamed of. And we do dream of this- the fantasy of a wedding. When I was young I had no idea there would be two brides…. But there I was marrying the most beautiful bride in the world… My Amy. Why didn’t we until it was legal in Australia? We simply believed we deserved to share our love with our friends and family. We too deserved a big celebration. We also deserved to write vows and commit to each other in this way. We didn’t want to wait for our Australian legal system to catch up with the rest of the world.

A few months later we were lucky enough that Amy fell pregnant on her second attempt at a local clinic. We were beyond excited. Off we went to Europe for four months on tour and Amy’s belly grew and grew.

Amy gave birth to our beautiful son Angus James on Tuesday 11th November and we really complete. Being a family as everything we had hoped for. Angus is the happiest, most joyful boy around. Everyday is a new adventure. We now also have a daughter, Matilda Pippa. She is nine months old and just beautiful. Life is pretty amazing. We really cant complain. We have the very normal ups and downs and challenges of any family. We have so much support from our extended families and friends and we feel really so blessed with what we have in this life.

Now we just wait for our marriage to be legal. To be treated equally… finally. For our kids to grow up without shame, without being the ‘different’ ones, without the huge amount of bullying etc. It is time. We all need to vote yes in this ridiculous plebiscite. Because it’s simple… Love is Love!

Toby Beard

Catch Toby on tour this month in Scarborough (16/9), Kalbarri (22/9) and Geraldton (24/9) or head to for more upcoming dates!

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