‘Love Me Lex’: Help bring a new queer web series to life

Love Me Lex

A team of local creatives is getting ready to bring a new screen project to life.

Love Me Lex is an 8 part web-series, with each episode being approximately 7 minutes, and it’s set to be shot right here in Perth. It’s the story of a woman in her 40s who is jumping back into the dating pool and looking for love.

To raise funds for the series the team have launched a crowdfunding campaign, and there’s just a few days left for people to show their support.

Creator Sanja Katich shared with OUTinPerth what inspired her to write the project.

“I was inspired to write Love Me Lex as I am passionate about queer representation on screen, but also because I think it’s really important to have queer people telling queer stories. So many queer stories are told by people who don’t have the lived experience of who we are and how we live our lives.

“Another thing is that there is so little representation of women in the 45+ age bracket in lesbian screen. So many stories address teenagers coming out, twenty-something party girls, or women in their 70s coming out after 50 years of a secret love. These stories are also so very important and address issues and narratives that are very real in our community, but single middle-aged women are usually marginalised, or not present at all.

“I wanted to create a show that could resonate not only with a Queer audience in general, but especially with a demographic who are so often excluded from Lesbian screen content.” Katitch said.

While the team has already met their initial goal of raising $5,000 for the film shoot, and any additional funds raised will help them deliver an even better product.

“We had always hoped to crash through our goal.” Katich said. “At first this was something that would be a top up fund alongside some other money we have been granted, but once we realised the scope of the project and just how good we can make Love Me Lex, we knew that it was a case of ‘the more the better’”

Additional funds will allow the team to bring a specialist professional onto the project.

“We have a lighting specialist who we really want for our production, one of the best lighting people in Perth. To hire him and all of his equipment for the two week shoot will cost around $8000. We’re also hoping to secure a professional cinematographer, who is a lesbian, to shoot the show. If we can get these two incredible people on board, the show’s production values will have that next level of professionalism.”

The project already has screening commitments lined up from festivals both in Australia and overseas.

Head to Kickstarter to support Love Me Lex.

Graeme Watson 

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