She’s still hot! Luciana returns to Perth for PrideFEST

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Dance music goddess Luciana is back in town for the PrideFEST celebrations and will be performing at Connections Pride Party. OUTinPerth caught up with our favourite party girl ahead of her show.

What have you been up to over the last 12 months since we last saw you in Perth for last year’s Pride festivities?

It’s been a real fabulous year with new opportunities and adventures. I took six months off literally to re-model our home in California. We stripped it back to the bare bones and started again from scratch. It’s my dream home, and I could not feel more blessed. As soon as that was completed, it was straight back into the studio.

‘Gold’ your collaboration with Max Styler and Devault has just come out, this track really surprised me, it includes so many different styles of music. How did this collaboration unfold?

It is fabulous, right! As with all collaborations, it’s a process. First we get an idea for the track, we play around with melodies and lyrics until we feel we have something that sticks and feels catch and simple… Sometimes it doesn’t come easy but this was so much fun it sort of rolled. It went back and forth in production for a few weeks and then voila! GOLD.

Last time you were in Perth your set included some pole dancers, drag queens and impromptu dance moves from some local boys. How are you going to top this when you play Connections?

You know, just when you think you can’t top something, suddenly there are 24 people on stage with you….you gotta love those moments as they are so unexpected!

You never really know what they have lined up until sound check and we kind of pull it together from there. I rely on my backing visuals to set the tone but I always welcome drag queens into my set because I just love the sass! The more outrageous the better.

Once a drag queen gave birth to a life size baby doll on stage whilst I was performing, blood and all. It was Halloween so I kind of went with it!

If you could invite any three people over for drinks who’d be on the invite list? 

OK, this is an easy question for me but giving that some are dead not very practical! My cocktail party would consist of Bowie, Anthony Kiedis, Debbie Harry, Sophia Loren and Andy Warhol… and pasta! 

Alongside your music you’ve also done art and photography, is this something your still into?

Yes, it will always be part of me. Different things take centre stage at different times in your life. I can see myself in the future in my own studio that will be part photographic and part art. The two are so closely intertwined and I love to use both in the same process. I’m a Warhol baby in that sense… as long as i’m creating something… whatever it is… I’m happy!

Look forward to seeing you all in Perth! I am coming to Ciccerello’s for the chips!  It’s gonna be a highlight of my tour! xxxxx

Graeme Watson

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