Madonna releases 80’s hit ‘Gambler’ to digital platforms for the first time

Back in 1985 at the height of Madonna Mania the singer was dominating the charts with hits from her second album Like a Virgin, while also finding success with songs from the soundtrack to the film Crazy for You and music from her own film Desperately Seeking Susan. Additionally, audiences were still embracing the hits from Madonna’s self-titled debut album that had come out two years earlier.

With so many hits in the charts at the same time, some of the songs from that era have been discarded by Madonna as her career continued to grow.

Gambler, a song that was a massive hit for Madonna in 1985 has just had its first digital release with the original song, an instrumental version and the 12inch remix now available for download.

It’s one of the few songs Madonna has written entirely by herself. It featured in the coming-of-age film Vision Quest which starred Mathew Modine and Linda Fiorentino. Madonna also appears in the film performing the songs in a bar.

Madonna put forward three songs for the film’s soundtrack, the ballad Crazy for You, the more upbeat Gambler and a third track called Warning Signs. Music director Phil Ramone used two of the three songs, with Warning Signs remaining unheard.  

When it came time to release the film internationally it was retitled Crazy for You to capitalise on Madonna’s exploding career. Gambler was never released as a single in the USA, but it had chart success in territories where it was released including Australia and the United Kingdom.

Madonna performed the song on her Like a Virgin tour in 1985, but she’s largely ignored the song since those days. It has not featured on any of her greatest hit compilations, and it’s failed to make the set list on subsequent tours.

Gambler can be steamed and downloaded now. 

OIP Staff

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