Maisie Williams signs on as ambassador for H&M

Maisie Williams, best known for her roles in Game of Thrones and Doctor Who has signed up to be an ambassador for fashion brand H&M.

H&M said they were thrilled to announce a partnership with Williams to lead a worldwide initiative towards a more sustainable fashion future. Describing it as a major effort towards meeting the goal of only using recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030, H&M said Williams would join them  throughout the year to drive change in fashion — in the virtual world and real life.

The project will encouraging the reuse, remaking and recycling of unwanted garments– in a united effort to close the loop in fashion.

Williams said she was excited to be taking part in the initiative.

‘I am excited to finally share the news of my partnership with H&M as Global Sustainability Ambassador and cannot wait for you all to see what we have been working on. In this role, I will be working closely with experts within H&M to drive sustainability initiatives and shape the path towards an accessible and circular fashion future. The long term goal is to use 100 percent recycled or other sustainably sourced materials for textiles across the full H&M Group brands by 2030. It’s time to take action and create more viable production circuits in fashion to protect our planet for the next generation.’ Williams said.

The project will also see a digital version of Williams being created allowing her to deliver advocacy in digital spaces. The lifelike avatar was painstakingly created by 3D animators at Goodbye Kansas Studio and will make her debut in a launch film.

Avatar Maisie and real-life Maisie will make several appearances throughout the year, engaging with H&M customers and inspiring action, sometimes together, other times on their own.

The first joint action is the launch of H&M Looop Island in Nintendo’s hugely popular game Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 13 April. Named after H&M’s recently launched garment recycling machine, which takes old clothes and recycles them into new ones, H&M Looop Island has been completely designed with a sustainable theme. Players can explore the island and recycle their game outfits into new ones in the first ever Animal Crossing: New Horizons clothing recycling station the Looop machine.
‘Being part if this initiative together with Maisie Williams to drive for change within the fashion industry by encouraging our customers and fans to resume, remake and recycle unwanted garments, is something we at H&M are very ambitious about. The future of fashion needs to look different, and we want to be a part of this solution’, said Pascal Brun, Global Sustainability Manager H&M.
Since Game of Thrones finished filming, Williams has moved on from playing assassin Arya Stark and filmed Two Weeks To live, a six part series for the BBC. She’s also appeared in the X-Menfilm The New Mutants and horror film The Owners. Williams also appeared in a video from French musician Madeon, the clip was directed by Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. 
If you are a player of Animal Crossing, head online today to hang with Maisie Williams in her digital form.
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