Malcolm Turnbull not worried about plebiscite legislation

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turbull has told the ABC’s ‘7:30’ that he’s not worried about legislation for his proposed plebiscite not being able to make it through the the post election senate.

Asked if he would consider putting the issue to a free vote on the floor of the parliament if a senate filled with crossbenchers proved to be an obstacle the Prime Minister rejected the ideas of the scenario.

” I have no doubt the plebiscite will be passed through the Senate.” the Prime Minister told host Leigh Sales.

Asked why he was so confident the Prime Minister said the proposal for the plebiscite had overwhelming community support.

“Well absolutely. If you look – there is overwhelming support in the community for the plebiscite. People actually quite like the idea of having their own say in it.” Turnbull said.

When Sales retorted that the attitudes in parliament don’t necessarily reflect those in the community the Prime Minister said he didn’t believe politicians would block the legislation.

“You’d be amazed. Politicians are quite sensitive to public opinion, even as reflected in opinion polls. And I can assure you the plebiscite will – enabling legislation will go through.” Turnbull said.

The Prime Minister wasn’t going to be drawn on the hypothetical situation he did make it clear that he is a supporter of marriage equality declaring: “But what I will say to you is that I support legalising same-sex marriage, and I will certainly be voting yes in the plebiscite.”

Watch the full interview, the question about the plebiscite is towards the end of the discussion.



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