Malcolm Turnbull rejects listening to LGBT community about plebiscite

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ignored calls for him to meet with the LGBTI community before bringing in his proposed compulsory plebiscite legislation.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten kicked off the first Question Time of parliament’s new session by asking the PM if he would be meeting LGBTI community members, a suggestion the PM was not going to entertain.

“My government is committed to getting all Australians views.” Turnbull said. “My government is committed to giving every Australian a say. My government is committed to standing by the commitment it made at the election to give every Australian a say.”

The Prime Minister repeated his assertion that the only reason marriage equality had not been achieved in Australia was because the opposition had opposed the plebiscite plans.

Later during the session Shorten highlighted a pamphlet, created by former Liberal Minister Chris Miles, that falsely claims that the children of LGBT parents are more likely to abuse drugs, have sexually transmitted diseases and become unemployed.

“Why is the Prime Minister making Australians pay $122 million dollars to give license to this vile rubbish?” Shorten asked.

The Prime Minister said he respected the good sense of the Australian people and he would not be shutting down democracy and debate because of a “few people here or there.”

“We have a robust democracy and we respect Australian’s ability to have a frank, forthright discussion on this issue, but above all, we respect them so much that when we say we’ll give them their say we are doing everything we can to ensure that they have their say.” Turnull responded.

Any hopes the Prime Minister had that the outcome of his emergency party room meeting would result  in the issue of marriage equality dropping off the news cycle appear to have vanished.

Since announcing the postal plebiscite plan the yesterday the issue of marriage equality has continued to dominate online and print news as well as radio and television coverage.

OIP Staff

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