Marcia Hines: Disco queen on the scene heads to a day on the green

A Day on the Green is going disco in December.

KC and the Sunshine Band will be playing alongside The Village People, Sister Sledge and Australia’s own superstar Marcia Hines.

Anyone who saw Hines during her appearance in Velvet at Fringe World earlier this year will know that the acclaimed singer knows how to throw a glitter filled party. Hines chatted to OUTinPerth about all things D.I.S.C.O.   

The lineup for this show is pretty amazing, this night is going to bringing back a lot of memories for people.

Here’s hoping! the disco era was fun, the only unforgivable thing was the fashion, which was pretty tragic, but the rest of it was great music, great dancing and great memories.

Well my top question I had written down here to ask you was what was your best disco era outfit?  

I remember, I saw a picture from way back in the day and I thought ‘I didn’t wear that!’.

It was powder-blue, and I do love powder blue, I only wear powder blue fingernail polish, but it was a powder blue fake fur jacket, and a powder blue pantsuit. I can tell you, Graeme, I knew I was stylin’.   

I look at it now though and I go, ‘What were you thinking!’

Looking back over your album covers from 1970’s you did sport a lot of headwear.

Yes, head wraps, but I’m Jamaican by heritage through my Mother and my Dad and head wraps are a large part of our African heritage. I do like head wraps, I kind of pull out one of those every once in awhile. I might just do that for this gig.

Your biggest hit in the disco era was the song You what do you remember about recording that song.

Very interesting story, very interesting question. We’d just about finished recording an album and in the studio there was a box of ‘45s sitting in a corner. My drummer, who was Mark Kennedy at that time, said “What’s are all these records in this box?

The producer said “Those are songs that we had considered.” Mark asked “What’s this song You?” We had a listen to it and we all thought what a great song, lets record it.  

It wasn’t even on the list, which is fascinating, but what is yours nobody will ever take away.  

You did a whole album of classic disco tunes with your Discotheque album, and included a KC and the Sunshine Band tune.

Yeah, nobody safe, you pull out all the songs and take a look at them, but all the songs I included on Discotheque were songs that I actually danced to and were my favourites. It really was a fun album to record.

Back in the 70’s at the height of the disco era, were you living the disco life?

I wish I could say yes, but I’d be lying. I was living the ‘on tour’ life. Most of my life was on the road, back then you could, but now most of those gigs have dried up. But I remember that we’d come over to Perth and head up to Geraldton and head further north.

Throughout your career you’ve had amazing resilience. What would you say the your LGBTIQ fans as we head into the postal survey on marriage?

I’d say breathe, just stay calm and breathe. Stay classy and breathe!

A Day on the Green with Marcia Hines, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Village People and Sister Sledge is in Kings Park on Thursday 7 December for all the info head to      

Graeme Watson

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