Marriage equality comes to Chile with major support in Congress

Same-gender marriage will soon become reality in the South American nation of Chile in the coming months, after a historic vote this week.

President Sebastian Pinera is expected to sign the bill ahead of his departure from office early next year, as an election looms later this month.

Chile now joins their South American neighbours Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Brasil in allowing same-gender marriage, as well Costa Rica in Central America.

Chile’s Minister of Social Development Karla Rubilar said it was a historic day for her nation.

“Our country has approved same-sex marriage, one more step forward in terms of justice, in terms of equality, recognising that love is love,” Rubilar said.

The bill passed through Chile’s senate with an overwhelming majority (21 – 8), and again in the Chamber of Deputies (82 – 20) ensuring the future of the legislation.

The legislation also provides adoption rights for same-gender couples, as well as spousal benefits and recognition of parenthood.

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