Masuimi Max Is Bringing The Flesh

Well known American performer Masuimi Max is bringing her multi-faceted performances to Perth later on this year. OUTinPerth threw a few random questions her way to get an idea of who she is and what she’ll be bringing.

Where did it all begin for you, you’ve described yourself as a pin-up artist, fetish model and burlesque dancer, which came first?

I kind of got into all of them all at once.
I started working in a strip club and the club had a different feature to the other clubs, they had showgirls in the club, and they were different to the other girls, they didn’t do lap dances. They approached me to be part of their show and I had to learn how to eat fire. They thought I was a bit strange.
I had a red mowhawk at the time.

I said ‘sure’, even though I’m afraid of fire. So I learned fire tricks and they choreographed a routine and that was my first show. It took me to London, through Europe and all across the U.S.A, it all started then.


Which of these roles do you like the most?

I like having the ability to change. If I get bored with a certain look I can change it. I get to travel a lot but my favourite thing is changing the way I look.

You were on the TV show Fear Factor, what was that like?

I was checking my voice mail and I deleted all the messages and then I remembered there was a message for this TV show called Dog Eat Dog, but I called back the wrong production company and instead ended being on Fear Factor. When I got there I asked how Dog Eat Dog worked and they looked at me and said, ‘Dog Eat Dog? This is Fear Factor.’

Masuimi Max will be bringing her show FLESH to Shape Bar on February 15. She promises it’s a show not to be missed. Grab your tickets from Eventbrite

Nadine Walker 

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