Meet Lavrence and check out his tune ‘All In My Head’

Sydney-based artist Lavrence has just released his latest track All In My Head. It’s his second track of 2020 and we like what we hear.

All in My Head is a meditation on resistance and surrender.” Lavrence said of his latest offering. “The song invites you to withdraw from the noise around you and turn your focus inward to find your truth. I wrote this song after coming out of a long period of depression and anxiety, through a lot of self-work, and was finally feeling free enough to shape my identity without the fear of judgement holding me back.

“Self-doubt used to paralyze me until I stopped seeking external validation and started focusing on my own joy, opinions and guidance. Once I let go of needing to ‘prove’ myself to others –things quickly started falling into place.This song is a call to liberate yourself from the perceptions and expectations of the outside world.

When he performed the tune at a charity event he became aware that it also had a political message.

“The song started taking on a more political undertone for me when I performed it at a charity event to raise money for the RFS during the devastating bushfires earlier this year. The song seemed to fit the call to action regarding climate change.

“The message in this song has only grown more prevalent for me throughout 2020 with important movements such as Black Lives Matter and the rise in class consciousness. More than ever, we’re being called to think for ourselves, seek truth and create change.” Lavrence said.

Listen to the tune on Spotify, and take a look at the video for his previous release.

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