Menagerie Choir are starting a dance floor riot at The Rechabite

A beloved local choir has brought together a show for music lovers to lose themselves to the music and get footloose whether you prefer to dance on the inside or on the d-floor.

Menagerie’s 1! 2! 3! 4! Riot on the Dance Floor is a dance party experience created for the audience to let loose and stomp and shout.

Perth’s most enthusiastic indie-pop songsters are keeping it tight hoping their energetic indie anthems will see the audience get into the groove, sing and shout in powerful choral harmony, clap their hands, count to four, and start a riot.

“How often does a choir show meet a bouncing dance floor?” Director (or ‘Zookeeper’) Sal Banyard said.

“This is a show that is fun above all else, but also satisfies our rebellious sides with protest-y or anthemic tunes that give us the opportunity to get loud.”

“We want maximum audience participation, singing, shouting and above all dancing.”

“There may even be a surprise dance element for people to look forward to.”

Sal said even non-dancers will be infected with the ‘dance-y vibe’ and will want to get into the groove.

So what better excuse to dress up in your favourite dance gear – guaranteed to bring on extra party vibes.

Get up for 1! 2! 3! 4! Riot on the Dance Floor from Jan 20 – 23 at The Rechabite. For tickets and more info, head to

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