Mexican Doritos ad showing acceptance of gay son goes viral

A television advertisement for Doritos corn chips that shows a father embracing and accepting his gay son has racked up millions of views.

The holiday season commercial made for the Mexican market has clocked up over 14 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube in mid-December.

The two minute long advertisement is called ‘El mejor regalo’ which translates to ‘the best gift’, it’s based on a true story of a son and father finding acceptance.

The clip opens up with Javier calling his father to let him know that he is halfway through his journey home from college. Javier tells his father he’s bringing along a friend who didn’t have anywhere to go over the holiday break.

The father begins to notice little interactions between the two young men that suggest they may be more than close friends. He heads online to a discussion board and types, “Hello, I’m a 52-year-old divorced father and need some help,” he continues, “I think my son and his friend are a couple and he won’t tell me.”

“How can I let them know that everything is OK?” he asks.

At the end of the clip he approaches his son in the kitchen and simply tells him, “I love you.”

His son tearfully replies, “What you want to tell me is that you love me as I am?”, the father nods and the two embrace.

The advertisement ends with the message “”The best gift for these holidays is accepting everyone the way they are.”

Take a look at the advertisement. 

OIP Staff

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