Michael Griffith is feeling lucky, lucky, lucky

Michael Griffith has found his niche creating cabaret shows that celebrate our love of pop icons. First he created a show honouring Madonna, quickly followed by his Annie Lennox show, more recently he teamed up with Amelia Ryan for a show honouring Peter Allen and Olivia Newton John, and now Kylie Minogue is in his sights.

While in the performances Griffith simply sings the songs of the featured artist, for the promotional images for each show he’s has some fun recreating some classic looks. For his Kylie Show he’s recreated the cover of her debut album from 1988.

“Unfortunately if you’re not of a certain age, you just don’t necessarily know what’s going on. People ask if I dress in drag and I say ‘No, it’s just a bit of fun.’ Even when that came out though she must have cringed at that hat.” Griffith said during a quick catch up with OUTinPerth.

“The first album, the critics called ‘bubblegum pop’ and I think that’s the perfect description, but that picture is a perfect match.”

The performer professes he has a love of Kylie’s Stock, Aitken, Waterman period. The trio of songwriters created some of her most memorable hits. “They had it down to a fine art,they never pretended to be anything that it wasn’t, they knew it wasn’t profound or personal or moving, they just wanted it to be fun!”

“The first three singles of Kylie’s third album Rhythm of Love were the best things they ever wrote, how good is Better the Devil You Know!” Griffith proclaims.

Lucky: Songs by Kylie is Downstairs at the Maj tonight. Head to www.ptt.wa.gov.au for tickets.

Graeme Watson