Michelle Bachman says Gays, Blacks and Islamic Terrorists are conspiring

Bachmann2011-001Michelle Bachman, the former US Congresswoman and adviser to President Donald Trump claims that gays, the Black Lives Matter movement and radical Islamic supremacists are conspiring to destroy America.

Bachman made the accusation during an interview with World Net Daily.

Commentating on a story about non-Muslim women wearing headscarves during recent protests, the conservative commentator said she believed the reason different groups were protesting against President Trump was because they had a shared goal.

“People understand Islam abhors homosexuality, yet they often join forces in protests with gay activists,” Bachman told WND. “The answer is simple, Black Lives Matters, the gay agenda, as well as Islamic supremacism, all seek domination over American freedoms.”

“They cannot reach their aims separately, but they can realize the fall of individual liberties if they work together. Once liberties fall, the groups break with each other in a race to impose their particular views on the American populace,” Bachmann said.

“Causing liberties to fall is a long-term project, and they will use whatever allies they can get to realize that phase of their goals,” she concluded.

Earlier this month during another radio interview Bachman said the incoming administration to remove all supporters of LGBTI rights from the nation’s State Department.

Bachman, who unsuccessfully ran for President in 2012 has a long history of criticising the gay community. She is reported to have previously referred to homosexuality as “sexual dysfunction”, “sexual identity disorders”, and “personal enslavement” that leads to “sexual anarchy”.

Back in 2014 Bachman told a radio program that the LGBT agenda was to push for polygamous marriages and remove all ‘age of consent’ laws; “so that adults would be able to freely prey on little children sexually.”

Bachman was attacked by an LGBT protester in 2011 when she became the third high-profile politician to be glitter bombed.

OIP Staff

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