Devine suggests trans kids should be treated like Enid Blyton characters

Famous Five

Perth Now columnist Miranda Devine argues that there are too many transgender children in Australia and suggests that in past generations it was no big deal if children appeared to be gender neutral.

To back up her argument the conservative writer cites several tomboys from literature including George from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series , Jo March in Louisa M Alcott’s 19th century classic Little Women and Nancy in Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons series.

The outspoken opponent of the Safe Schools Coalition anti-bulling program wrote that until recently society was very accepting of children of non-conforming gender behavior.

“Until very recently, society serenely accepted that some girls were tomboys who liked to climb trees and some boys were dreamy souls who liked dressing up. It didn’t mean they needed puberty blockers or cross-sex hormone therapy, or to have their genitals ­“reassigned”.” Devine argues.

The article highlights concerns raised by Professor John Whitehall, the Foundation Chair Paediatrics and Child Health at the School of Medicine at Western Sydney University.

Professor Whitehall is the author of an essay which will appear in the December edition of Quadrant magazine. In the article Professor Whitehall reportedly argues that clinicians need to be able to provide a range of options for dealing with youth experiencing gender dysphoria, including working to get them to accept their birth gender.

The academic argues that embracing children’s gender identity has become; “a utopian religion with committed believers”.

The article has received a mixed response with some readers applauding the piece, while others have suggested Devine is simplifying a serious issue.

OIP Staff, Images: illustrations of George from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books.

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