Music, visual art, animation & fashion come together in ‘The Colour Red’

Two of Perth’s most exciting artists are collaborating on a unique new project, combining creative styles to tell the story of a killer spiritual assassin.

The Colour Red is the brainchild of musician, performer and writer Moana Mayatrix and artist and designer Lucas Bowers, bringing together music, visual art, animation and fashion.

The work, led by Moana’s epic ballad of the same name, explores the archetypes of a woman’s journey from naive princess to wounded woman, finally emerging as an indomitable warrior.

In tandem with Moana’s words and music, The Colour Red is illustrated by Bowers, designed to be experienced within an intimate, bespoke enclosure created inside PSAS for an immersive viewing experience.

Surrounded by a selection of illustrated print works and a unique collection of The Colour Red inspired garments created by Moana and Lucas, this is a truly narrative artwork that explores the landscape of possibilities of what constitutes story telling.

The Colour Red is an adventurous creative vision of all things red – passion, love, lust, blood, fury, told through the lens of the wild feminine in a full-length story-song I’ve written over a number of years,” Moana said.

“It is a very important work to me, and I am very excited to host my first multidisciplinary exhibition that involves the full spectrum of my creativity. Sharing this alongside an acclaimed artist like Lucas, with our shared passion for creating conceptual, immersive worlds, is a dream come true.”

Lucas adds that the work is the cumulative expressions of years of art and design practice.

“From comic books to music, clothing to film, nouveau tech to traditional media all built around a beautifully symbolic narrative that’s very close to my heart,” Lucas says.

“A passionate, toothy, darkly-beautiful work, to collaborate on a project like The Colour Red with an artist who inspires me, and whom I respect as much as Moana Mayatrix, has been an adventure thrill ride of creative expression I’ve enjoyed more than anything I’ve done in a long time.”

The duo are also celebrating the launch of the exhibition with a special live performance alongside some very talented friends. PS Art Space will be soaked in red, hosting the haute couture burlesque style of Essie Foxglove and the sounds of elemental drone duo Filth Goddess, as well a selection of tunes old and new from Moana and WAM-nominated band.

The Colour Red exhibition runs Friday 8th July to Wednesday 13th July from 5pm to 9pm, at PS Art Space, 22 Pakenham St, Fremantle.

The special live performance event is taking over on Saturday 9th July from 7pm. For tickets and more info head to Humanitix.

Image: Lucas Bowers

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