Need some new sounds? We check out some new music releases

Space Invadas
Wild World
★ ★ ★

From the onset this album from Australian duo Katalyst and Steve Spacek delivers pop-synth and RnB lyrics that make you move. All songs have the ability to give you different flavours but are never overwhelming or stray from the thread that started with opening track Welcome. The title track Wild World even samples Cat Stevens version of the original song mixed in with hip-hop lyrics which is pretty infectious while the song Say Something gives you grooves that would make Stella envious. – Mark Lee

Mama Kin & Spender
Golden Magnetic
★ ★ ★ ½ 
Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) and Tommy Spencer are life-long friends and collaborators who once shared a place in Melbourne. Their love of country music and Danielle’s husband John Butler (John Butler Trio) are certainly influences on this album. The opening track Water and Fire is “pure joy and hope in practise” says Caruana while the track Dotted Line is in direct reference to “the time when as a country we were asked to vote on same sex marriage” says Spender. An album that does not disappoint. – Mark Lee

Alive in a New Light
★ ★ ★ ★ 
Formerly of the band Sneaker Pimps, Chris Corner’s solo project is an amalgamation of synth pop, electronica and dark sexy cabaret. You get the sense this is his pure self being stripped and laid bare for all to see. Strong synth pop bases are clear on tracks Body Politics and Stardust while final track The Power and The Glory is tender and sexy which is exactly how such an album should end. One can imagine sexing someone to all songs on the album. – Mark Lee


Fresh Tracks

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Black Sun sunny slice of disco funk David Byrne – Everybody’s Coming to My House a party at the Talking Heads’ singer’s home sounds like a good invitation The Avalanches – Because of Me (Bondax Remix) this mix adds a great layer of percussion over the retro pumped tune DJ Koze featuring Roisin Murphy – Illumination she can do no wrong George Fitzgerald & Bonobo – Outgrown super chilled tune with piano tinkering in the background Kerim Konig – Reflections stunning classical tune filled with violins and piano Tracey Thorn – Dancefloor the joys of being in the middle of the dance floor with your mates Mouse on Mars featuring Justin Vernon – Dimensional People Part III first taste of what’s sure to be an epic album Jonghyun – Rewind great deep house tune from the late Shinee frontman Gwenno – Tir Ha Mo there’s not a lot of psychedelic indie pop being recorded in Cornish Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious  – Groove is in the Heart a fresh take on the Deelite classic Peggy Gou – Han Jan downtempo electronica Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Corner Song chill out tune of the month

Black Milk
★ ★ ★ ★ 
Black Milk’s Fever is a relaxed album laced with psychedelic, reggae and funk beats infused with laconic yet precise lyrics about the current social and political climate in United States. Black Milk shows progression of his sound in this album and it blends into the current hip hop trends compared to his previous work. It blends effortlessly that there is no real standout track. It is a very accessible and enjoyable album if you like Post Malone, Bryson Tiller or Kendrick Lamar. – Mango Adonis


Sizzlar Remixes
★ ★ ★ ★ 
L D R U’s refreshing new remix showcases upcoming DJs to listen to. Every song in this album has been very fun to listen and dance to. They have successfully crafted a collaboration that mixes trap, synth, electronic and house together effortlessly to create new sounds. I really liked Oriental Craving’s remix of The Calling as it is very catchy and danceable. Very enjoyable, creative production and fresh new beats gave a new life and it complements the album well. – Mango Adonis

Belle & Sebastian
How to Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
★ ★ ★ ★
Belle & Sebastian have never really enjoyed mainstream success however this has certainly not diminished their ability to create an album that exudes joy and sunshine. That is certainly the case with this set. From the opening track of Sweet Dew Lee to the bluesy Fickle Season its something you would listen to on a lazy Sunday and that is not a bad thing. Best Friend, the final track on the album is just the kind of song you would find yourself swaying to just for fun because that is what the album is all about. – Mark Lee