Netflix drops trailer for queer romcom Alex Strangelove

The first trailer has dropped for a new Netflix comedy that follows a US high school student as he discovers his own sexuality.

Alex Strangelove tells the story of Alex Truelove, a young man who finds himself torn between his long-term girlfriend, and a burgeoning crush on a new openly gay friend in his life.

The movie is written and directed by Craig Johnson, known for his indie-hit Skeleton Twins with Saturday Night Live favourites Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader.

“I’m a big fan of movies like Superbad, and I just love it when things go a little raunchy and a little crazy,” the filmmaker told Entertainment Weekly.

“I just like the idea of inviting all comers to the party: straight kids, gay kids, anyone in between. And it’s not just for kids; I think there’s enough in it that people of all ages will get a kick out of it.”

Check out the trailer below. Alex Strangelove comes to Netflix on June 8th.

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