New poll predicts the YES vote will win the marriage debate

A new poll is showing that the ‘Yes’ campaign will win the marriage postal vote survey. The poll shows which states are likely to have the greatest level of support.

A poll produced by Roy Morgan indicates a resounding win for the ‘Yes’ campaign with 61.5 per cent of Australians in favour and just 17.5 per cent voting No.

Support for change appears to be greatest in Victoria, where 69% of people have indicated that they are voting yes, and Tasmania and Western Australia, where 63% of people have indicated they support changing the marriage laws.

Support for the No vote is highest in New South Wales, where 21.5 per cent of people surveyed indicated they would vote against changing the laws. Queensland and South Australia both reported 16.5 per cent support for the No option.

Younger people are most likely to be voting in favour, more than 80 per cent of 18-24-year-olds have voted Yes, with that figure dropping to 70 per cent for 25-34 years and 69.5 per cent for 35-49 years.

In the 50-64 year category, 52 per cent have voted Yes and only 48.5 per cent of Australians older than 65 years supported same-sex marriage.

Of the sixteen million Australians who are eligible to partake in the survey, it is estimated that 10 millions have already filled out the forms and returned them.

Advocates on both dies of the debate however are warning supporters not to be complacent and to continue campaigning for the remaining six million votes that are yet to be filed.

The postal survey closes on 7 November, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to reveal the results on 15 November.

OIP Staff, image: Equal Love Rally in Perth 2011. 

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