NSW Greens apologise for transphobic story in their magazine

The New South Wales arm of The Greens have offered an apology after an article which has been described as transphobic was published in their party magazine.

Titled Sex, gender, women and The Greens the article from author Margot Oliver argues that women are getting less representation within the party if transgender women are given position on committees. The author, who is a member of the party’s Marrickville branch suggests that the party should only recognise birth sex.

“Performing the societal stereotypes of the other sex does not turn you into the other sex.” Oliver says, alongside  “Feeling that you are the other sex does not turn you into the other sex, nor does surgery.”

The party’s NSW co-conveners Jenny Leong and Rochelle Flood quickly issued an apology.

We want to stress that the views expressed in this article are entirely inconsistent with Greens principles and our policies on trans rights.

“The views expressed by the author of this article are harmful and should never have been published in a Greens NSW publication. We offer our sincere apologies that this occurred and for the harm caused as a result of this.”

The co-conveners said that while the party magazine was a space for members to share their views, the article should never have been published. The party have announced a review of their editorial processes.

Federal Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi also criticised the article.

“This is not acceptable and I’m really sorry it happened. This is completely inconsistent with Greens’ policies and principles.” Senator Farqui posted to Twitter.

OIP Staff