Ode To Man explores the death of masculinity at The Blue Room Theatre

Writer/Performer Emma Mary Hall returns with collaborating Director Prue Clark with a new multi-media work that investigates the death of masculinity.

Ode To Man is a series of vignettes that blend storytelling, poetry, projection and music to “interrogate the future for Australian men in a world where women dream to have it all.”

Hall’s character Emma had always thought of herself as a winner until the love of her life dumped her for a much younger woman.

Blending humour and emotion, Ode To Man attempts to understand how Emma’s broken heart connects to the big stuff; global economic change, biological inequity and this mortal coil.

Following the success of their award-winning project We May Have To Choose, Hall and Clark draw inspiration from Bettina Arndt, Spalding Gray and Sophocles and spin a tale that supposes the death, or end, of men.

Ode To Man appears at The Blue Room Theatre from April 18th – May 6th. Tickets and more information available from blueroom.org.au

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