Paul Selwyn Norton announces his departure from STRUT Dance

Paul Selwyn Norton

Paul Selwyn Norton is stepping away from his role as the Artistic Director of STRUT Dance after eight years leading the company.

Chairperson Franklin Gaffney said Norton had been transformational during his tenure as Director.

“Paul is a visionary who has expertly steered STRUT Dance from a small fledging dance organisation when he arrived, to the vibrant, thriving organisation that fostered partnerships with such luminaries as William Forsythe, Batsheva Dance Company, Crystal Pite, Hofesh Shechter, Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake and Maxine Doyle,” Gaffney said.

Under Norton’s leadership enabled STRUT Dance to reposition as the National Choreographic Centre and attract considerable national and Asia Pacific engagement to Perth as well as significant public, private and philanthropic investment.

“During his tenure, STRUT Dance extended its reach, ensuring more than 250 members could work with and learn from the world’s finest choreographers and exposing an increasingly hungry Perth audience to world-class, locally-made contemporary dance performances at the Perth Festival over the last four years. STRUT Dance is now renowned nationally and globally for excellence, putting members at the centre of all it does, and for ground-breaking work. Due to Paul’s contributions, STRUT Dance will continue to be an ambitious participant in the cultural fabric of Western Australia.”

“While we are deeply disappointed to see Paul go, we are excited to see him growing into his ambitions as director of the Junction Arts Festival in Launceston, Tasmania. The Board thanks him for his enormous contribution to not only STRUT Dance but contemporary dance in Western Australia, and we wish him every success in the future,” Gaffney said.

Paul Selwyn Norton will leave Western Australia in August, but will continue to support STRUT Dance in realising the final performance outcome from the multi-year development program with Crystal Pite: “The Statement” and “10 Duets on a Theme of Rescue”.

“It has been a huge privilege to have danced with STRUT over the last eight years. I came into the organisation as an independent artist and producer and was given the incredible opportunity to develop myself as a director and leader. It has been an honour to share my own experience, vitality and network with the independent dance sector and to help champion WA to the world,” Paul Selwyn Norton said.

The Chairperson and Directors of STRUT Dance will appoint an interim Director, whilst undertaking a global recruitment process to appoint a new Director for 2022.

Norton has announced his next role is leading the Junctions Arts Festival in Tasmania.

OIP Staff, image: Mitchell Aldridge 

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