Perth Rainbow Warriors:Your Local Friendly Swimmers

Rainbow Warriors

Enjoy swimming, food and good company? The Perth Rainbow Warriors are just for you!

The Rainbow Warriors are an informal social swim group that swims every Sunday morning in the winter at a local Perth pool and during the summer moves to ocean swimming at North Cottesloe beach.

The group was formed after several members successfully completed the Rottnest Channel Swim in 2005. The Rainbow Warriors continue to participate in other organised ocean swims during the summer including the Busselton Jetty Swim. Since inception the group has grown in size and comprises a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Brunch is enjoyed after every Sunday swim at a nearby eatery and this facilitates lively discussion across a diverse range of topics. Sunday morning can become a highlight of your week! The group also comes together for other social events and excursions during the year.

Graeme Watson from OUTinPerth joined the group for their first ocean swim at North Cottesloe on Pride weekend. He found it refreshing and said, “I can vouch that they’re one of the most fun social groups in town.”

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re up for swimming a few laps or going for a record.

For more info on the Perth Rainbow Warriors call Charlie on 0424 312 890 or email [email protected]

Graham Currie and Evan Ingley

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