Pole Position: HELLO BOYS! at Connections Nightclub


Connections Nightclub have planned a tantalizing evening of performance with HELLO BOYS! Two of Australia’s most sensual male pole dancers Blue Phoenix and Lennox are heading to Perth to stimulate your senses and show you what they’re working with. We caught up with the boys ahead of their travels.

How did you first get into performing as a pole dancer?

Phoenix: I first started pole dancing after I bought an online voucher and tried a casual class – and never looked back! A few months later I had my first stage experience in a group show in Brisbane and the rest is history!

Lennox: Long story short – Felix Cane. A friend of mine showed me her performance videos and I was in total awe. I was introduced to the beauty and art of pole dance. Back then I was living in Perth and my friend told me Felix Cane was teaching at a studio near me. Why wait? I went straight to the studio and signed up for a trial class and that was it. I was completely hooked and I was fortunate enough to learn from Felix herself and the other beautiful and talented pole dancers Perth had to offer until I relocated to Sydney.

What’s been the hardest move to master?

Phoenix: The hardest moves for me to master had been flexibility-oriented moves. When I started pole, my flexibility was shockingly nonexistent, so all split and back-bending moves have been a challenge. The most challenging for me, is anything where I need to grab my foot behind and above my head like an eagle.

Lennox: It’s hard to single out one move in particular and call it the hardest, but they are usually back bending contortion level flexibility moves. I do have my favourite move to master and that is “The Eagle” created by the legend in the pole community, Felix Cane, who is based here in Perth! The move that captivated me with its beautiful ballerina like spiral shape and demonstration of extreme flexibility.

How do people react when you tell them this is your creative expression?

Phoenix: People are generally very positive about the fact that I pole dance, and often want to know more about where I train, my shows, and how they can try it themselves. Sometimes people are surprised that I pole dance as a male, but when they see what we do, they always react positively and with praise.

Lennox: People love it. When they can clearly see how much I love pole, they have no choice but to respect my devotion. I get excited when people get curious because then I can show them how beautiful, fun, and athletic pole can be. Although I haven’t met a single person who had a problem with me pole dancing, you often see people with preconceived ideas of pole and I myself might have been guilty of that until I realised what a beautiful form of art it can be. It makes you fit and healthy, it is so much fun and it empowers you. Try pole everyone!

Would you describe yourself as naturally confident, or has pole dancing brought you out of your shell?

Phoenix: Since I began performing, my confidence has definitely grown and improved. I’ve never been comfortable in the spotlight having not been happy with my body growing up, but fitness modelling and pole dancing has certainly opened up a new world to me and changed the way I project myself in public and respond to a crowd watching and judging me. It certainly has helped me grow and become more confident and strong as a character.

Lennox: I think I am generally a confident person but I do have my struggles as we all do. Pole dancing definitely has helped me come out of my shell and become more and more comfortable with expressing who I am. Essentially you’d have to be confident to a certain level as you are performing half-naked in front of an audience, (You need skin contacts against the pole to grip on). What pole dancing does to me physically is it gives me sense of achievement as it challenges me. When you train hard and you see yourself improving, it is very rewarding. Pole also allows me to live my dream of becoming a performer and gives me the platform to express myself and my emotions.

Catch Blue Phoenix and Lennox in ‘HELLO BOYS!’ at Connections Nightclub on Saturday April 30th.

Image: Nina Oranto

Graeme Watson

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