Polls show marriage survey will most likely return a YES verdict

Two polls have shown that the upcoming postal survey on marriage equality is likely to return a YES vote for change.

On Monday the Newspoll published in The Australian showed 63% of respondents would be voting in the affirmative, while only 30% of people surveyed were planning to vote NO.

The poll also showed that older Australians were the group most likely to take part in the postal survey. Seventy six per cent of those over 65 who were surveyed said they would take part, while on 58% of 18-35 year old voters indicated they would participate.

The figures highlight the importance of encouraging younger supporters of marriage equality to engage with the process.

Today The Guardians’ Essential Poll showed support for changing the marriage laws at 57%, with 32% definitely against.

The poll also found that 80% of people they spoke to plan to fill out their survey forms and post them back. 63% of people contacted said they would definitely take part in the survey, while another 18% said they would probably take part in the vote.

Support for taking part in the poll is highest among those who will vote YES according to The Guardian’s poll. Seventy-four per cent of YES voters indicated they would take part in the poll, while only 58% of those opposed to changing the laws said they would participate.

The second poll has also shown that as the debate over marriage equality continues support for the governments $120 million dollar process has dropped. Forty-nine per cent of people were opposed to the methodology, while only 39% voiced support for the process.

The polls has also shown falling support for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government with Labor leading 53% to 47% on the two party measure.

OIP Staff

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