PrEP approved in France and USA


France has moved forward with the introduction of PrEP treatments to combat HIV infections. The decision by France’s Minister for Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights follows a similar recommendation in the USA.

French minister Marisol Touraine, made the decision this week allowing the drug Truvada to be officially used by HIV negative people as a preventative option.

“I welcome the publication of a temporary recommendation for use of Truvada, a drug that should allow us to significantly advance the fight against HIV”, the Minister said.

The French decision follows the announcement that United States Centre for Disease Control has recommended that PrEP should be offered to approximately one in four ‘high-risk’ people to help eradicate HIV.

The drug Truvada, which has previously been used to treat HIV positive people, can be used to stop HIV negative people from becoming infected. By taking a daily dose of the medication HIV negative people can develop a level of resistance which stops them contracting HIV.

Trials of PrEP treatment are being conducted in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The company behind the drug has applied for it to be recognised as a preventative treatment in Australia.

HIV advocates are are lobbying Australia’s Health Minister Susan Ley to list the drug on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

In September activists launch a poster campaign in Melbourne calling for speedier action to be taken on the introduction of the preventative treatment option.

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