Pride WA voice their support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Pride WA

Pride WA has announced their support for the Yes campaign in the upcoming constitutional referendum.

In an email sent to members Pride WA President Michael Felix, and CEO Dr Lauren Butterly shared their organisational position on the issue.

“Our organisation is committed to the principles of the Voice and accepts the invitation in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.” the letter said. 

“Pride WA as an organisation supports the gender and sexually diverse community. We recognise the unique challenges faced by individuals who identify both LGBTIQA+ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander as they navigate the complex and Intersectional systems of discrimination and marginalisation.

The LGBTIQA+ rights and culture organisation encouraged everyone to make sure they learn about the issue prior to their trip to the ballot box.

“The upcoming vote represents a crucial moment in Australia’s history. We urge all of society to engage thoughtfully and respectfully as they educate themselves and others about the importance of this opportunity; to enshrine an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice in the Constitution. 

“It is imperative that we as a society come together to acknowledge and address the historical injustices faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, while actively working towards reconciliation and equality.

“As an organisation committed to fostering an inclusive society, we firmly support the Yes campaign. We urge our community members, partners and the wider public to join us in supporting this important cause.” 

Australians will vote on whether to accept an amendment to the constitution on 14th October.

Find out more about the Uluru Statement From the Heart and read the official statements from the YES and NO campaigns. 

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