Priest dismissed from Vatican after coming out


Monsignore Krzysztof Charamsa has been removed from service of the Vatican after he publicly came out as gay in a statement last week.

The Polish-born priest’s announcement came the day before Vatican bishops were scheduled to discuss the Church’s position on homosexuality and other topics.

Charamsa addressed the media in Rome accompanied by a Spanish man whom he identifies as his boyfriend to challenge the Church’s position on LGBTIQ people.

“I’m out of the closet, and I’m very happy about that.” Msgr Charamsa told the crowd, “I want to be an advocate for all sexual minorities and their families who have suffered in silence.”

Msgr Charamsa also delivered a 10-point manifesto to combat what he described as “institutionalised homophobia in the Church” as a means to free gay priests from systemic oppression.

Officials from the Vatican have condemned the timing of Charamsa’s speech, stating that homosexuality is but one topic of the planned discussion – which has now dominated media coverage.

“The decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible,” Vatican officials released in a statement of their own.

“It aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure.”

Vatican leader Pope Francis has been making his own headlines after a recent trip to the United States. Church officials have confirmed the pontiff privately met with controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis during his visit. The Vatican have also announced that Pope Francis met with a long-time friend from Argentina, who is gay, along with his partner in a separate meeting from Ms Davis.

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