Protests announced for CPAC 2022 Conference in Sydney

Sydney based activist groups Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) and Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) have announced they plan to protest the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney.

The organisers describe CPAC as “one of the main gatherings and organising places for the far-right figures”, saying it “will be a hub of transphobes, racists, fascists and bigots.”

According to Co-Convener of CARR, April Holcombe, it’s crucial to oppose the far-right influence in our society to stop their growth in confidence.

“The only way to combat the growing far-right movement is to protest and ridicule their project, quashing their politics. CPAC is being used by powerful far-right figures to build a movement around their agenda of entrenching inequality and bigotry.” Holcombe said.

The long list of guest speakers includes anti-immigration campaigner Nigel Farage, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, One Nation’s NSW leader Mark Latham, as well as federal senators Matt Canavan, Jacinta Price, Alex Antic and Malcolm Roberts.

Matthew Whittaker, a key figure in the administration of former US President Donald Trump is one of the featured guests. Also speaking at the conference is former Liberal senator Amanda Stoker and current Liberal Party Vice-President Teena McQueen.

Several current and former Sky News hosts are also on the bill including Rita Panahi, Daisy Cousens, Ross Cameron, Rowan Dean, James Morrow, and Alan Jones.

Attendance at the US version of the conference has grown considerably in recent years, and the Australian version has become a key event for local conservative politicians.

“The project of Trump and his conservative base is to create an America even more suited to the rich and powerful. The terrifying and disturbing decision to overturn Roe V Wade is a result of this political project. We won’t tolerate this in Australia. We can’t let them feel emboldened to build Trump politics here.” Holcombe said.

“The vast majority of people are totally opposed to this toxic and oppressive politics. So, we want to get as many out there protesting these people because ignoring them doesn’t make them go away. It just gives them a free kick.”

Details of the protest can be found on Facebook.

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