QANTAS boss Alan Joyce: I’d rather wait for marriage equality



QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce has spoken out regarding his concerns about the proposed marriage plebiscite. The business leader said he’d rather wait for marriage equality that hear the gay slurs he believes the plebiscite debate will evoke.

Speaking to The Weekend Australian Joyce said he was concerned about the tone the debate had recently taken and said he had concern about how the onslaught of negative comments would affect LGBTI people’s mental health.

“The tone is absolutely something which worries me ­because we’ve seen the tone ­become a lot more aggressive, we’ve seen the language become a lot more emotive and emotional,” Joyce said.

Joyce said he thought the combination of the cost of the plebiscite process, combined with the additional cost of funding public campaigns and the effect it would have on many people’s mental health added up to a bad decision for the government to be making.

The QANTAS CEO said he’d rather wait until the government could address the issue directly rather than subject people to plebiscite process.

Joyce is one of a number of high profile business leaders who has been critical of the government’s decision and vocally championed marriage equality. Joyce has been in a same sex relationship for over 14 years.

OIP Staff

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