QUIZ: Got To Pick a Poet or Two


Here’s a little game from our poetry feature in the October issue. How many famous LGBTIQ poets from throughout history can you identify using only these brief dossiers? We’ll reveal the identities at the end of the month.


purple1. Born in Glasgow in 1955, I am the first woman and first openly LGBT individual to hold the position of Britain’s Poet Laureate.


2. Known simply by my title and surname, my status as an influential poet has stood for over a century. During my life I have lived as a poet, a soldier and a nobleman.

pink3. Known as a pioneer of Modernist literature, my name is spoken during a song from Jonathan Larson’s most well-known piece of musical theatre.

green4. Poet, playwright and author, I am remembered as much today for my flamboyance as for my work. I was publicly shamed, imprisoned and eventually exiled for living truthfully.

orange5. Born on the island of Lesbos, my name is still used to describe instances of female homosexuality.

yellow6. Born in Massachusetts, I earned a reputation as a recluse. My work only became public when my sister released it upon my death.

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