Reclaim Australia launch counter protest over Save Safe Schools


Far right protest group Reclaim Australia have launched a counter-protest against this Saturday’s Save Safe Schools Rally.

The Save Safe Schools rally is being held on Saturday afternoon in the Murray Street Mall. The political protest will be calling for federal government to return the national program that aims to prevent bullying of LGBTIQ+ students to it’s original state.

The program’s contents were gutted following pressure from conservative government back-benchers.

The Perth arm of Reclaim Australia has put out a call for it’s members to meet in the Murray Street mall at 1pm on Sunday, the same time as the rally in support of the Safe School’s coalition.

The organisers of the Save Safe School’ Rally have said that they will not be intimidated by the conservite protest group.

“Reclaim Australia is a vile network of a small minority within WA.” said Paul van Lieshout Hunt, the spokesperson for Save Safe Schools WA. “We will not be frightened. We will not be deterred from getting our message out.”

Paul van Lieshount Hunt said he expected that there would be a large police presence at the rally and march.

“Our message is clear and simple. We want our children and future generations to be safe in their schools – safe from bullying based on their diverse sexuality or gender identity.”

Reclaim Australia is a loosely structure organisation that has had an increasing profile over the last two years. The organisation is primarily opposed to Islam and immigration but now appears to be branching out into other political topics.

Splinter group The United Patriots Front, which is seem as being more extreme in their views than reclaim Australia, has also begun posting transphobic images and comments to it’s social media channels in recent days.

At the time of publication the Save Safe Schools rally had over 200 people registered to attend, while the Reclaim Australia Counter Protest had under 20 people signed up.

OIP Staff