Bibliophile | AViVA’s ‘Relentless’ continues the tale of Teddy Veodrum

by AViVA
Pan Macmillan

Self/Less left readers suspended on a huge cliff-hanger, but Relentless continues the tale of Teddy Veodrum, who is now eighteen, and introduces yet more complexity. In old bomb shelters beneath Metropolis in a dystopian future, are a growing web of clans who are fighting to survive and to keep their humanity alive.

The background supplied by the first book Self / Less is essential. Violence has overtaken Clan Ember, and with the help of Michelle, who is the leader of Clan Gaia and Amara, who is the Chief Elder of the Outskirters, Teddy intends to end the tyranny and restore order.

When a stranger from outside the wall comes into her life, Teddy is forced to question again what home is and what freedom is. Hunter reveals that it is not an uninhabited wasteland on the other side of the wall, but a network of hierarchical regions.

So Teddy knows that there are now populations inside the wall, outside the wall and underground. Can she trust this stranger as she ventures into Metropolis to find sympathisers and locate her mother?

Aviva is a multidisciplinary artist with international success, garnering more than three billion global streams of her music to date. Having always been a lover of stories and made-up worlds, Aviva has fed her passion for self-expression and she dedicates her books to all the outsiders, everyone who feels like a circle in a square. “Trust me, I’ve never fit in, quite frankly, now I would never want to.”

Since breaking into the music world in 2017, she has explored the themes of control and isolation. With her unique alternative pop-rock emo sound, AViVA has created a groundswell online, building a strong community of fans – her ‘Outsiders’.

Self/Less and Relentless are creatively linked with her music, expanding the City of Metropolis beyond the page. Listen here.

Lezly Herbert

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