Revelation opens with the comical ‘The Breaker Upperers’

The Breaker Upperers | Revelation Film Fest| Sat 7th July, Mon 16th July | ★ ★ ★ ★  

The Revelation International Film Festival opened last night, commencing two weeks of screenings of the most interesting, challenging and bizarre films from around the globe.

For the opening night film curator Jack Sargeant went with a quirky and hilarious New Zealand comedy, starring Jackie Van Beek and Madeline Sami, who also wrote the film.

Mel and Jen have an unusual business, they help people end their relationships. Whether it’s turning up at someone’s front door as a singing country cowgirl duo to deliver a message of dumping, or posing as police officers to break the news that a loved on is just ‘never coming back’, they bring relationships to an end.

Things start to go awry when Mel begins to get too involved in some of the duo client’s lives and funds herself unable to make a clean break. Among the comical characters she can’t shake are the needy, depressed and grief stricken Annie – brilliant played by Celia Pacquola – and simple but adorable rugby player Jordan portrayed by Boy star James Rolleston.

Add to this a madcap bunch of comical characters including Jen’s coke snorting Mum, a lesbian police officer in search of strippers, and Jordan’s attitude filled but unwanted girlfriend Sepa.

This movie is filled with beautifully odd moments, quotable lines by the bucket load, and every single character – even if they’ve only got one line – is unique and interesting.

The only complaint is this film seems too short- at just 82 minutes we could have gladly hung out with Jen and Mel for a lot longer.

After the film opening night revelers continued the celebrations at a party held at The Blue Flamingo in Leederville. Spotted among the crowd were many film directors including Revelation ambassador Ben Young, director Zak Hilditch and documentary filmmaker Alison James and actor Marcus Graham.

The Revelation International Film Festival is on from July 5 – 18. Head to the festival website for all the screening times.

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