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Why? (4x4x4x4) | The Actors’ Hub | til Feb 25th | ★ ★ ★ ½ 

What does make a legend? How do you achieve success? Why? begs to ask the audience about legends. It is an unconventional play about the lives of Muhammad Ali, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams and Andy Kaufman and their way to success in their careers.

The show is presented in an offbeat stage in the middle and audience on the side, which gives the view of the play in an unusual manner.

Each actor embodied the lives of these famous men, exploring in series of monologues and acting which added interesting elements to their story line. The fluidity of their acting and movement of their body is hypnotising to watch. It was showcased as a visual storytelling of their lives. I do like the grace the Heath Ledger’s actor, he had the fluid acting yet intense.

The narration of this play made me reflect on my life passing by as deeper thoughts came in my brain. Narration implores one’s meaning of life and hitting your peak.

Easily, my favourite part was Robin Williams’ story because I find his story very relatable as a man who had depression yet still made comedies. His life has been presented in with a lot of quips about his work and his childhood life.

In the play, they did present the people these men’s mentors. Some were not that great mentor to them, but with a change of behaviour, helped them lead their lives as a success.

The only criticism on this play I had was the technical errors happened. It interrupted the show’s flow, with the actor’s patience, which I merit him for not breaking character.

I think it is a great show to watch and contemplate our thoughts about success and legends. It is a very intense viewing and it is the thinking man’s play.

Why? is on as part of The Actors’ Hub 4x4x4x4 series all Fringe long. Head to for more info.

Mango Adonis

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