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Poncho Orange | The Belgian Palace | til Feb 18th | ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Play should be a mandatory part of adult life. I mean, look at us… all dreary with our day time jobs and this oh so chic late capitalist grind on our souls. Is this living? No. But exploring play and playfulness sure makes being an adult easier. After all, it was Jung who said that in every adult there lurks a child, and children are happiest when playing or imagining new worlds around themselves.

Thank the universe, then, for clowns. Through clowns, we learn how important play is. Their theatre, cabaret and other such Fringe frivolities are an opportunity to cast aside our serious sides and indulge in silliness. Poncho Orange is such a clown: with a heart of gold and a cheeky smile, Poncho is in Perth to show you there is still some fun to be had in the world.

Poncho Orange is basically a character-driven hour that will make you discard such serious things as ‘mortgage’, ‘taxes’ and ‘personal space’. Ok, so the latter is really important, but not to the likes of Poncho Orange, who freewheels through the audience, clambering over chairs as he reads very Instagram-esque poetry.

It’s not all poetry mind you, although those segments are brilliant (Poncho draws a very fine line between oversharing your heart and oversharing your body). Some of the best bits are when Poncho actively engages the audience. Yup, it’s that kinda show! The brighter and more brilliant the audience the bolder and more high fructose Poncho Orange becomes. So be willing to give and you shall receive a Fringe experience that will have you dancing in the aisles. Literally.

Poncho Orange is for those of you who want to kick the evening off early (shows are at 6.30pm) with a great beer (it’s at The Belgian Beer House) and even greater comedy (that’d be Poncho). Remember that this is a show about play and playing, so be prepared to play along. As a result, Poncho Orange’s playtime is great fun and will leave you feeling Jung at heart (ba-boom-ching!).

Poncho Orange will be at the Palace Society until February 18th. For tickets and more information head to

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

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