Review | Drag Diva Spectacular lives up to its name

Drag Diva Spectacular | Connections Nightclub | til Feb 5th | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ 

It was a balmy night in Northbridge when I took my seat for the Drag Diva Spectacular at Connections. My shirt stuck to the back of my chair, wet with antici…pation (you’ll get the reference when you see the show) as MC BarbieQ led us through a spectacular show with a collection of songs from some of the gay community’s most beloved artists. I’ve seen a lot of drag shows and tonight still had something to offer, even for the most dedicated RuPaul obsessive.

Perth delivers some of the best drag and Drag Diva Spectacular, a local production, is no exception. Featuring tunes from the musical Chicago, The Spice Girls, Dolly Parton and more, the five drag queens took us on a nostalgic trip through queer pop culture. The show knows its audience; it’s in a queer venue, it had a (mostly) queer crowd. But by no means is it exclusive – there’s something here for everybody (+15) to enjoy.

The queens stir up the crowd, sauntering the down the aisle, their flashy costumes glistening as they select unsuspecting audience members for use as furniture. You won’t be pulled upon stage (thank God), but you might be subject to a light stroke and cheeky wink. From close up, it becomes even more apparent that this production is a well oiled machine. The ladies worked seamlessly as a group, delivering synchronised sass and impressive choreography, but each had their moment to shine.

The show opens strong with a rendition of Cell Block Tango from Chicago, setting the bar high for the rest of the evening. Rarely did it depart from this standard with It’s Raining Men a particular highlight and crowd favourite.

With a show as a great as this, it’s hard to find fault. And if you’re looking to pick apart a night out as entertaining as this, you ain’t doing it right. Drag Diva Spectacular will have you dancing in your chair, singing along and wishing you were half as fabulous as these girls. So get your ass in gear, get down, have a drink or two and unleash your inner diva.

Catch the girls on stage at Connections Nightclub until Feb 5th. For more info head to

Craig Campbell

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