Review: The Fame Game


Some might argue that fame is simply “the state of being known by many people” but not Sharron. No to Famous Sharron, fame is an art that can be harnessed, taught, shared and should be taken seriously. It’s reserved for an elite group of people. Lucky for us, the larger than life character has kindly donated some of her time and sparkly to help a select number of Perth’s well known faces become more famous than ever before. Head along to ‘The Fame Game’ and you too could learn a few lessons about being the next big thing…

The show began with Sharron’s Famettes hustling on stage in nothing but fluro lycra and cosmetic smiles. I assume essential to any famous persons entourage? In came Famous Sharron herself for possibly the most entertaining musical number rivaling Brian McFadden’s ‘Just Say So’ if in a battle of extreme auto tuning. ‘The Fame Game’ is more than just game show theatre for your viewing pleasure, it’s something Sharron encourages all of her audience members to participate in and the intimacy of the Casa Mondo allows you to feel comfortable in a room of strangers.

Fame so I have learnt is all about improvising your way to the top and ‘The Fame Game’ displays some fabulous improvising skills both from Sharron and her glitzy Famettes from The Big HOO-HAA! Without any sort of self awareness the hour long show leaves you in fits of double-chin worthy ugly laughter. 2004 Australian Idol contestant Courtney Murphy joined the guest list along with Assistant Coach of the South Fremantle Football Club, Michelle Cowan. The two were willingly subjected to improvised scenarios all aimed to hone their skills aiding their rise to ultimate stardom.

Every evening sees a new selection of Perthonalities and every night you can be sure you’ll get something different from the last. So why not give yourself a ‘double shot glitter-glitzy-glamourous Famous Sharron expresso and go play along to the hilarious fame game more than once… OUTinPerth doesn’t give stars for our reviews but it’s fair to say Famous Sharron certainly is one.

The Fame Game is playing as a part of  Fringe World until Monday 4th Feb, to see what other great cabaret acts are playing visit the Fringe World website.

-Ryan Boldison

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