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0007 Whitney Richards Joshua Brennan Samuel Delich Adriane Daff Will O'Mahony  Flood  Image by Gary Marsh Photography‘Flood’ by Chris Issacs follows six high school friends who reunite just a few years after graduation to take a camping trip into the West Australian desert. The gang are back together and head off into the wild. Once they reach their destination events take an ominous turn and the six friends fall of the precipice of adolescence into adulthood.

As the lights come up on the impressive rock formation set at State Theatre Centre’s Theatre Underground the six actors launch into a roller coaster ride of banter. The dialogue is sharp, catchy and incredibly effective in portraying the camaraderie of the group and the excitement of their journey. As the play progresses the mood changes, things become darker and Isaacs’ script has an effective journey into the darkness.

The cast is impressive. Will O’Mahony (Sal) and Adriane Daff (Frankie), who were brilliant in last years’ ‘Great White’ both stand out above the other cast members. Whitney Richards who plays Vanessa also delivers a fine performance. The rest of the cast includes Joshua Brennan, who previously stared in Perth Theatre Company’s ‘Tender Napalm’, as Steve the organiser of the excursion, Samuel Delich as Steve and Rose Riley as Elizabeth.

The performances are of a high standard, the staging and set is impressive and Adam Mitchell’s direction has created a tight and focused presentation. The biggest challenge in this production is simply that Issac’s tale has nothing new to say. There is nothing unexpected, profound or challenging in the second half of the story, it’s all a little predictable.


This production is the first out of Black Swan State Theatre’s Lab to help initiate collaborations with new writers and early career actors and on that level this production is a great achievement. The missing stepping stone between the small productions of The Blue Room and a big productions staged upstairs in the Heath Ledger Theatre.

‘Flood’ is an enjoyable theatrical experience, but you’re unlikely to find yourself debating it’s themes in your mind after you leave the auditorium.

‘Flood’ is playing at the Theatre Underground at the State Theatre Centre until February 2nd. Find out more details at Black Swan State Theatre Company.

Graeme Watson, image: Gary Marsh Photography

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