Review: Neighbourhood Pizza

The bright lights shine out from the simple door that leads to Neighborhood Pizza.

In Melbourne it’s not uncommon for people to tell you that they can’t tell you name of the favourite resturaunt or even how to get there. The city is littered with great eating establishments found behind unnamed doors, down secluded flights of stairs and in long forgotten alleyways.

Just like we’ve embraced small bars and alley redevelopment so too are we starting to see eating establishments that don’t rely on a big shopfront to get your attention. Instead news of their existance is spread through word of mouth and a good reputation.

Neighbourhood Pizza in Mount Hawthorn is a great find, if you can find it – but that’s part of the fun! Head around the back of IGA and look for a non-descript door with bright lights shining out from within.

Inside is a large room filled with huge tables that encourage you to share the space with others, it’s laid back and unpretentious and best of all has a BYO liqour licence. After a quick wander down the street we aquired a couple of bottles of the new orange and ginger Rekorderlig Cider.

The menu is simple – they make great thin crust pizzas. We tried one with fennel sausage and another with peperoni and gorgonzola cheese, both were super tasty and quickly devoured. We can’t wait to go back and check out the sweet potato and chilli maple!

Graeme Watson

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