Review | ‘Off Chops’ takes a comedic look at late night shenanigans

Off Chops | Big Top | Until 13th February | ★ ★ ★ ★ 

After seeing this show you’ll never quite look at an inebriated clubber having a moment on the streets of Northbridge in the same way.

Yuck Circus, a local group focused on championing the female voice across live performance has created a show filled with acrobatics cleverly woven into the story of two drunken girls night on the town.

Performed with minimal dialogue and maximum expression, this show sees two performers take us on a journey through nightclubs, late night food venues, dancefloors and bathrooms. It’s hilariously funny and incredibly clever.

From the age old problem of short dresses riding up, to low cut tops falling down, tackling the difficulties of helping a friend who has fallen down to stand up, and waiting for eternity to pass while you food order is being prepared – it captures all the elements of almost every Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

What I loved about this performance is the acrobatic and aerial skills were embedded into the story, rather than just being a spectacle of skill – but these are two very talented performers, it’s one thing to hang from your colleague high in the air, it’s another to also look like you are slightly paralytic at the same time.

An incredibly funny show that will stay with you long after the performers take their bow.

See Off Chops until 13th of February at Fringe World Festival.

Graeme Watson is an editor at OUTinPerth. He has a background in journalism, creative writing, dance, theatre, radio and film working as a performer, producer and writer. Graeme writes for a variety of publications and has been working as a reviewer since 1997.

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