Review: The Importance of Being Earnest

Actor Scott Sheridan in Rehearsals iamge 2It is still astounding that Oscar Wilde’s impeccable satire can stand the test of time, existing as a production that still fills a theatre here in WA. Currently showing at the State Theatre is ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, a production that will have you in fits of laughter and leaving with an unexplainable connection to an era that you never lived in.

Set in Victorian London, the play follows the life of aristocrat Jack Worthing who develops a brother ‘Earnest’ to escape social obligations.

Worthing’s mischievous friend Algernon Moncreiff travels to Worthing’s country estate and impersonates Earnest to stir up trouble, it is here he falls in love with Cecily, who is Worthing’s ward.

With Jack posing as Earnest to his future wife Gwendolen, a web of confusion develops that is only worsened by Moncreiff’s Aunty, Lady Bracknell, who refuses to break from the strict constructs of aristocratic life in Victorian England. The dramas ensuing make up the highly entertaining plot.

The hilarious triviality of marriage and perfectly executed scenes make for a timeless production that can’t be missed. Also worth a mention is the perfectly executed performance by Adriane Daff, who plays a convincingly candid and cheeky Cecily, her youthful essence is captivating to watch.

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ will be playing at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia until the 28th of March. Grab your tickets here.

Nadine Walker

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