Review | YUMMY DELUXE celebrates all things femme

YUMMY DELUXE | The Edith | til 17th Feb | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

Our YUMMY pals from the east coast return to Fringe World with a brand new show, and a few of your favourite snacks from last year’s extravaganza.

YUMMY DELUXE brings together some of the best femme-presenting performers from across the schools of circus, burlesque, drag and music in a high-quality camp variety spectacular.

The show opens with a fabulous group number, sparkling with a high-energy brand of camp that pulls the audience in with its beautiful sheen, and kept us there with the sheer talent of the performers.

Drag performer Valerie Hex takes over hosting duties from the now-absent Karen from Finance, and quickly lets the audience know what this show is all about: celebrating the feminine in whatever form that may take. Hex, who is also the show’s creator, makes for a welcoming conduit for the audience and lets everyone in on the joke. She even brings a little magic to the stage as well!

The ensemble cast were all brought a brilliance to their chosen performance style, in a melange of solo and group numbers as we’ve become accustomed to at many a Fringe World frolic.

The audience ate up Jandruze and their deliciously wicked sandwich-themed number which returns from last year’s show, burlesque star Zelia Rose took us to the movies, Perth chanteuse Joni in the Moon almost shook the tent with her overwhelming vocal skill, newcomer Jarrod Dewey taught me that you can indeed perform aerial acrobatics in sky-high heels (and brought a mesmerising lip-sync to the stage as well), and the infectiously charming Hannie Helsden and her I Dream of Jeannie inspired aesthetic had the audience hollering for her hoops.

The group’s talents complement each other perfectly, and the energy of the audience was electric as they soaked up the incredible talent before them. YUMMY DELUXE brings nothing but good vibes, great fun and a delicious after-taste that will surely leave you wanting even more.

YUMMY DELUXE will be at The Edith in Yagan Square until Sunday 17th February. Tickets and more information available from

Leigh Andrew Hill

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