‘Rising’ Shows Simplicity, Elegance and Technical Mastery

GiantsJPG_2Simplicity, elegance and technical mastery characterised these four works performed by Aakash Odedra.

The precision and clarity of the opening piece is marked by amazing dexterity and the rhythm of Aakash’s feet flow with a tempo and fluidity that is mesmerising.

From the traditional cadence of the Sitar the second work descends into a realm where the human soul strives to emerge and rise from more animal forms.  In this piece Aakash’s transforms his body into something both elemental and beautiful.

The last two pieces, ‘Cut’ and ‘Constellation’ are a meditation on light and the human body.  In ‘Cut’ Aakash’s appears to be dissected by shadow and we are left with tantalising glimpses of his body  as he moves in and out of the darkness.  The speed with which he moves and the lighting create an effect that is mesmerising and graceful.

In the last piece the lighting changes from white strobe lighting to light that is warm and golden and the dance becomes a prayer of movement and light as both Aakash and the lights flow in time to the music.

Aakash gives an exceptional performance.  If the mark of a true professional is to make the complex appear simple, then Aakash is a true professional.

The effortlessness with which he transforms complex movements and his body is hypnotic.  He confirmed his place as one of the most celebrated and respected dance artist and one to be followed and watched in the future.

‘Rising’ is at the Heath Ledger Theatre as part of the Perth Festival until Saturday February 21st. Find out all the details here

David Kernohan, images: Graeme Watson 

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