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‘Vessel’ is like nothing you’ve ever seen before

‘Vessel’ is like nothing you’ve ever seen before

Vessel | State Theatre Centre | Until 4th March | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½  Vessel is an outstanding collaboration between Belgian dancer and choreographer Damien Jalet and Japanese sculptor and set designer Kohei Nawa. At the beginning of the piece the theatre slowly falls into completely darkness, the curtain rises and an inordinate amount of time […]

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‘Rising’ Shows Simplicity, Elegance and Technical Mastery

Simplicity, elegance and technical mastery characterised these four works performed by Aakash Odedra. The precision and clarity of the opening piece is marked by amazing dexterity and the rhythm of Aakash’s feet flow with a tempo and fluidity that is mesmerising. From the traditional cadence of the Sitar the second work descends into a realm […]

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